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Dear Colleagues-Friends from LifeWatch ERIC Communities-of-Practice on (e-)Biodiversity & Ecosystem Research Family,

First of all, we hope everything is fine with you, your families and relatives during these bizarre days.

As you know, during last year we have called our Intranet system with various names: Statutory Seat Office -SSO- Intranet,  "in Zoho" (more frequently), always being accessible from both &

To be consistent, and above all, in order to avoid further legal problems derived from the non-correct use of the "Zoho" branding name (similar nature to others such as Microsoft,etc.), LifeWatch ERIC Executive Board has recently approved to rename it as LifeWatch ERIC Organizational System, acronym: LwOS -w lowercase only-, to be pronunced as 'luos', the 'u' pronunciation sound as English 'ou'.

Therefore, the new access point to the LifeWatch ERIC Organizational System is

If you are not automatically redirected in a few seconds, just click on the following link:

Please, stay safe & strong,

Best wishes,

LifeWatch ERIC Family